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8 business lessons I have learnt from Covid-19

It has now been over a year since the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the UK was identified. Since then, 10 million vaccines have been administered. Despite the challenges we have had to face during 2020 and now 2021, I wanted to share what I have found. I decided to reflect on the 8 business lessons that I have learnt over the last 12 months.

Business is resilient and agile and will find a way

My company has been able to adapt very easily to the changes related to Covid. My employees have pulled together to keep the company going and we have been discovering newer, more flexible ways of working.

Remote working can work!

Deciding to have my entire staff working from home was a big decision but necessary for their safety. I trust my workforce (get it!) and they did not let me down.

My team are resilient

Despite having a strong team around me, I know that they are not robots and their mental health can’t be taken for granted. It is important for us all to take time out of our days to make sure that people around us are ok.

Business must continue (safely)

Despite the hardship faced by many businesses, it is important for us all to keep going. The phrase ‘new normal’ can imply that life will never go back to how it was before but businesses must to continue to prosper.

The demise of the office is overstated

Although we have all felt the relative freedom of working from home (lets be honest, we all enjoy having a longer lie in and no commute) being in the office is still enjoyable. Sometimes it is nice to put on a suit and head into the office.

Working from home isn’t right for everyone

We are social animals at heart which means that, in some instances, working from home isn’t the best option for us. I have learnt to appreciate the passing conversations whilst getting a coffee or the quick chat you have with a colleague over lunch.

It’s not all doom and gloom

It has been a difficult time for many of us, I am optimistic about the future and I am excited to see how my company will grow over the coming months.

It’s ok not to be ok

We are all human which means that sometimes we are not ok. In a world where we are told to pull together, it can be difficult to admit that you are struggling. Because of the pandemic it has become even harder to admit this. I’m always ready to talk to anyone who needs a helping hand. Overall, 2020 and 2021 (so far) have forced us all to stop and reflect on what is important. For more information on how Workforce Digital can support your business during this time contact us.

9th February 2021