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Kenneth & Matthew


At our organization, we are dedicated to providing opportunities that can change lives. In 2022, Kenneth joined our team, and we helped him secure a Chef position with one of our prominent clients in the UK. Although we didn’t have any immediate openings for his brother, we kept an eye out for future possibilities. As a result, Matthew was able to arrive in the UK in 2023 to work with one of our newest clients. We are thrilled to have played a role in bringing these two skilled chefs together and contributing to their success.

Mushayavanhu Tracy

Staff Nurse

Mushayavanhu was interviewed on December 34th, 2022. Despite a prolonged two-month wait for feedback, the candidate exhibited patience and professionalism. Their hard work and preparation paid off, leading to a successful advancement in the client interview.

We are pleased to announce that on April 26th, the candidate was successful, and their official start date was May 2nd. Their seamless integration into our company and awareness of our culture displayed their commitment and adaptability.

Farook mohomed al sadam

Sous Chef

We’re thrilled to have played a role in Farook’s journey to pursue his passion for cooking. At Visajobs, we believe that every opportunity is life-changing and every applicant is unique. We’re proud to provide a warm welcome and relocation assistance to those who are looking to make their dreams a reality. 

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