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Benefits of a Recruitment Team for Your Digital Vacancy

Recruiting new employees can be a difficult process for a company, no matter what the role is. But when it comes to hiring for an IT & Tech position, the recruitment process becomes even more of a challenge. The digital industry is one of the most varied and skill-specific in the UK, with a whole range of niche job titles and particular product and software experiences needed to perform a task. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for candidates with a technical forte puts even more strain on your recruiting efforts.

That’s why a dedicated digital recruitment team is the perfect solution to your hiring woes. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections, a specialist digital recruiter will support and guide you through the process of finding the right candidates, thoroughly interviewing and assessing them, then helping you make the final decision. Here are a few reasons why you should partner with a recruitment team to find the perfect individual for your digital vacancy.

Specialist recruitment for an evolving industry

At Workforce, one of the key benefits our clients receive is our extensive knowledge of the sectors we recruit talent for. And when it comes to the digital landscape, our expert recruitment team have an in-depth understanding of the terms, equipment and responsibilities needed for a specific term. If you’re looking to bring on a Full Stack Developer for your business, it’s ok if you’ve never heard of things like .Net Core, Magento or Laravel. Words like these may mean nothing to you, but to our recruiters, they’re essential signifiers towards a candidate’s suitability.

Not only do we understand the hands-on requirements for a role, we are also able to fully challenge our applicants on their experience and practical skills. Our recruiters fully understand the intricacies of a tech-heavy digital role, so we can thoroughly assess whether a candidate has the knowledge and aptitude to fit the position.

Better connections & insights

The first stage of any recruitment process is to scour through your network and see if any of your connections are suitable forvacancy, or if they know anyone that would be suitable. hile you may find some potential candidates within your network, it pales in comparison to the reach that a recruitment team will have when speaking to their connections about a vacancy. As recruitment specialists, we have a sea of contacts and connections spread across all niches of digital roles and functions. This means your vacancy will be discussed with predominantly passive network of suitable, highly skilled candidates that have a higher chance of being the perfect fit for the role. 

Access to a whole new talent pool

It can be tempting for employers to view hiring for a digital vacancy as the same as hiring for any other role. But the world of IT & Tech is very different. With so many different qualifications, skillsets, and intricate types of software, simply posting a job on Indeed is unlikely to attract the calibre of talent you are hoping to find. One of the main assets a recruitment specialist can provide is their access to a huge talent pool that you wouldn’t have been able to reach by yourself.

Outside of their vast network, a recruiter working within a niche sector like digital will search through a wide array of sources to find talented, capable applicants. Our digital recruitment team are consistently active in their community of specialists. They join online groups and communities; they attend conferences and events; they actively engage with candidates online through marketing efforts. Staying active and ‘in the know’ of the digital community gives our recruitment team profile and awareness with word-of-mouth candidates, and provides more meaningful help to you as an employer.

An understanding of your long-term needs and vision

At workforce, we understand that it’s more than just simply filling your vacancy. The most important thing about hiring a candidate for your company is that we find the perfect individual that will be with your business for the long term. Our recruitment team of both your initial requirements, your long-term vision for both the role and the candidate, and your work culture & identity. We want to find you an applicant that is not only right for your vacancy but your business as a whole.

By working alongside a team of dedicated recruitment specialists, you’ll be able to discuss your long-term strategies, helping us tailor our recruitment plan and activity around what we feel is the best solution to your needs. With a niche digital recruitment team, you’ll receive more than a successful candidate; you’ll receive in-depth industry knowledge, an extensive network, and an ability to consistently deliver results.

If you’re looking to find the right candidate for your digital vacancy, get in touch with us today and discover what we can do to help – send an email to chris.mealing@work-force.co.uk or call 07534 661 989

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29th September 2021